… or I will transform everything into an opportunity !

Come and enter the magical year of 2020 differently …


According to Chinese horoscope, 2020 will be the year of metal rat.
Generally it will be a successful year,  fortunate for building one’s career and professional rise. People should be sociable and friendly.  It is the year of new project and new beginnings.

The rat  is  adaptable and it is often because she is following her intent. That ś why this year should be in favour of diplomacy and various agreements. The rat wants to be clear, it want to complete and go on. 

The energies of metal are transparent and clear. It is the energy of order, systems and rules. It is important to realise, that metal energies belong to spiritual energy. It is the so called energy of Heaven. That is why we should make most of the spiritual energies.

That is the reason we will dedicate ourselves to :

  • looking back and closing the year  2019, thanks to which we will gather experiences that will empower us and let go of what is stopping us
  • the way to our vision and finding our longing, so we can live our life filled with what makes sense to us and what we enjoy

This group will be part of Yoga retreat in Talpona beach in Goa, India.


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